Maha Shivaratri on 10th of March


This year we celebrate Maha Shivaratri festival on the 10th of March.

Program is as follows:
14:00 Food offering to God and the Devotees who participate in this function
15:00 Spiritual film about Shiva
16:00 Visit to the Shiva temple in Punnyakodi, place of million blessings.
17:00 Shiva Darshan
You can see lord Shiva and participate in the ceremonies.

Abhyshekam: offering of milk, yoghurt, honey, ghee, oil, water, panchagavyam, paisam and flowers.

Participate in the element worship for Shiva.
Mantras chanting, meditation, yoga, singing, dancing and pradakshanam (rounding the shivalingam)

The function will be up to 20:00 in the evening.

Lord Shiva is the father of medicine.
In his name there are so many precious medicinal plants for mind and body.
There are possibilities that day to buy this herbal medicines connected with lord Shiva.

Also for sale are mantra cd’s about Shiva and devotional film about shiva.

For participating in this function we ask €100,- for a person
Interested people are requested to book their seats early.
You can pay on this account: 30 75 093 in the name of CJM Peters


Mohana, Cornelis and Vighnesh.

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