Research and Projects

Onderzoek en projecten

Research and Projects

Together with knowledge institutes, SME’s and hospitals in Europe we do scientific research into the effectiveness of traditional Ayurvedic medicines on One Health questions.

Current project involves

  • a collaboration between University of Utrecht department Veterinary Science, CAV den Ham, Poultry Farm F A M Uit Het Broek and Europa Ayurveda Centrum with a pilot study of the efficacy of Ayurveda treatment in Eimeria acervulina infected broiler chickens.
  • a collaboration between Wageningen University, Imares, Nutralexco from Poland and Europa Ayurveda Centrum with a pilot study on the efficacy of an Ayurveda herbal preparation on fishfeed as a replacement for antibiotics.

Finished projects (2012-2014)

A collaboration between Wageningen University, Human Nutrition and Plant Research International (both part of Wageningen UR), the Canisius-Wilhelmina Hospital, Europa Ayurveda Centrum and EuroProxima with a research on a traditional ayurveda herbal preparation “Mohana Choorna” as a treatment for Diabetes Mellitus type 2.
This project was made possible with a grant from the European Fund for Regional Development, Province of Overijssel and the National Government of the Netherlands.