Webinar: “Integration of Ayurvedic protocols for treating diabetes mellitus in the work of Western specialists”.

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The Dutch General Practitioners Society provides guidelines for the diagnosis, treatment, and counseling of patients with Diabetes mellitus type 2 in general practice.
The aim is to avoid complications, such as cardiovascular diseases, nephron-, retino- and neuropathy, who determine to a large extent the quality of the patient’s life, prevent or delay and reduce any complaints.

The treatment focuses both on the regulation of the blood glucose values and periodic monitoring of the kidneys, eyes, and feet, and on measures to favorably influence the cardiovascular risk factors.
All this requires a structured approach, education and adequate guidance. Diabetes care in general practice provides to a significant extent by the practice assistant, but the GP is ultimately responsible.

Within this tight framework I developed Ayurveda protocols to include in this traject. In this webinar I will explain the results of this extended approach based on my measurements with one of my patients with the VedaPulse.

Docent: Cornelis Peters is the director of Europa Ayurveda Centrum in Witharen. During a sabbatical in South India, he came in touch with Ayurveda. That made such a profound impact on him that Cornelis decided to study for Ayurveda doctor in Kerala. After this study, he practiced Ayurveda ever since. He is a promoter of scientific research on medicinal plants and enhancing people’s life coping with lifestyle diseases.

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