Event: Healthy food through nature worship

17-10-2016 Nog geen reacties

I invite you on this day to learn the importance of preparing healthy food through nature worship.
On this day you can:

  • Gain valuable knowledge about home cooking and life that I got passed through many generations.
  • Taste the most healthiest and tastiest food on Earth that I have prepared.
  • Visit our small farm with birds and herb garden (while the plants are sleeping).
  • Ask me questions.
  • Have a harmonious time together.

Mother nature is our greatest example, for me, that is our Mother Goddess.
Mother Goddess is known for her love and empathy for all beings; she is my biggest example.

We have our garden where we grow our herbs, animals, birds and fishes in a natural way.
The herbs and the animals live in a harmonious way; that is called integrated farming.
I am thankful that I have received this traditional knowledge through eight generations about growing herbs, animals and preparing the healthiest food in a natural way.

With a tremendous respect for nature, I call it ‘nature worship.’

I am glad to share this valuable knowledge with you.

You are most welcome!

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